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Addition of One-Dose 60 Cell Assay

Effective immediately a 1-dose assay has been added to the NCI 60 Cell screen in order to increase compound throughput and reduce data turnaround time to suppliers while maintaining efficient identification of active compounds

All compounds submitted to the NCI 60 Cell screen, or compounds currently in the screening queue, will now be tested initially at a single high dose (10-5 M) in the full NCI 60 cell panel. Only compounds which satisfy pre- determined threshold inhibition criteria will progress to the 5-dose screen. The threshold inhibition criteria for progression to the 5-dose screen was designed to efficiently capture compounds with anti-proliferative activity and is based on careful analysis of historical DTP screening data. The data will be reported as a mean graph of the percent growth of treated cells and will be similar in appearance to mean graphs from the 5-dose assay. There will be no change in the 5-dose assay or the reporting of the 5-dose data.